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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 25, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> we are live in st. louis where mourners packed a church to say good bye to michael brown. the black 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a white police officer. >> he said i'm going to shake the world and i promise you that he has. news 4 at 4:00 starts now. good afternoon everyone. i'm erika gonzalez in for pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. first at 4:00 detectives are going door to door in a maryland neighborhood after a gruesome discovery. a man's body cut up and stuffed into trash bags. a resident found the remains yesterday near the complex swimming pool. police identified the victim as perez from guatemala. investigators tell us they believe perez was targeted. >> we really don't have words for it. it is unfortunate event, very
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disturbing. and this is why we want to let our citizens know who live here this is not a random act of violence. >> investigators are trying to figure out where the actual murder took place. matt collins joins us with an update live at 5:00. we are learning more about a soldier who apparently shot and wounded herself during a standoff at fort lee in virginia. she then barcaded herself on the third floor. while officials tried to negotiate with her she shot herself. the base south of richmond was on lockdown for several hours during the standoff. about 1,000 people were inside the building at the time. the army says the sergeant first class had been enlisted for about 14 years. police believe one man could be responsible for attacks on multiple women in a quiet
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neighborhood. there have been three separate attacks in just the past five days all within blocks of each other in the mount pleasant neighborhood of northwest. one on oak street, another on park road and a third on kenyan street. right now in richmond virginia's former governor bob mcdonnell is in the hot seat facing a grilling by prosecutors about his involvement in loans he got from businessman jonnie williams. david culver has the latest from outside the courthouse. >> reporter: right now former governor bob mcdonnell is back on the stand under cross examination. what the prosecution is trying to do is establish that mcdonnell was very involved with his family's finances and at one point there was a desperate need for money, money that eventually came from jonnie williams. this morning mcdonnell answered questions from his wife's
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defense attorney. the judge asked him to speak up. maureen mcdonnell's attorney continued with the defense strategy of portraying a marriage on the rocks and a busy husband who was detached from his wife's personal financial dealers. the former governor testified that publicly she handled responsibilities well but privately the way she dealt with me and treatment of the staff was unacceptable and we needed to do better. mcdonnell said in 2012 his wife got mental health treatment. when asked do you think you did enough with your wife to help her? mcdonnell replied i should have done more. did maureen make effort for you to do something, anything in exchange for gifts and loans from jonnie williams and mcdonnell responded no. being inside that courtroom is fascinating.
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when you walk in you notice it is packed filled with us, members of the media, family and friends of the mcdonnell and every day folks who want to see it in person. some traveling from northern virginia to watch o you will notice experienced court attendees carrying thick blankets to sit on just to be comfortable. julie carey is inside the courtroom at this hour. if you join her at 5:00 she will bring you much more from what was a contentious start to the cross examination and the prosecution challenging bob mcdonnell's claims that he knew nothing about the now infamous new york city shopping spree. i'm david culver, news 4. hundreds of thousands of kids are heading back home from their first day of school right now. students in prince george's county are looking ahead for their first day tomorrow. folks, summer is over for kids. kindergartners, middle school students and high school freshmen had orientation today. they had a chance to meet their
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teachers and prepare for new expectations. this is the first year of full day orientation in the county schools. >> with the half day orientation by the time the child gets in and the teacher introduces the talks about the curriculum the bell rings. i think the county was wise in their ability to say let's have a full day orientation. >> at 5:00 tonight tracee wilkins shows us big changes returning students and parents can expect tomorrow. it is for many school districts here a very big day. new focus also on technology. these are the districts with kids had their first day of classes today. molette green was with kids in montgomery county to learn how technology will play a bigger role this year. >> reporter: welcome back to walter johnson high. this sign is the first thing you see on campus. as students step off bus after
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bus on this first day of classes. >> kind of exciting. i don't know how i feel but i'm glad it is my last year. >> yeah, i'm really excited. it will be nice to be back in school. >> reporter: it is a big school with 2,200 students. >> home run. down stairs. >> reporter: junior marissa says technology is a big part of her school life and is also a major focus in montgomery county classrooms this year. 40,000 mobile computers being phased in. >> i think it is a really great innovation. i hope it continues. >> reporter: for now just finding home run. >> all the way down to the left side. >> good luck. >> that's my friend. we ride the same bus. >> reporter: is the first step to a successful new school year. >> welcome back to your junior year.
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>> reporter: montgomery county schools is rolling out this new technology in phases starting with 12,000 lap tops and tablets to students in grades 3, 5, 6 and in high school social studies classes. molette green, news 4. news 4 is your place for back to school tools. head to we're live in st. louis as thousands of mourners say good bye to michael brown. now his father is making a special request today. also ahead a woman believes something fell from the sky straight through her roof. now we know what it was. nothing but sunshine out there right now. nearly 100% clear skies. temperatures 70s and 80s. the question now is can we keep this weather all week long? the answer to that question in part is coming u
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> the search is on right now for the gunman who robbed this falls church hotel at gun point. police tell us the suspect walked into the lobby of comfort inn on arlington boulevard around 4:20 this morning and showed a handgun and announced he was robbing the place. no shots were fired and no one was hurt. >> today the faa confirmed it. it was a plane part that crashed through the roof of a home last night in maryland. that part landed on the floor and sent pieces of draw wall and insulation all over the place. it apparently came from a plane at freeway airport nearby. beverly simmons said she normally has family over on sunday but yesterday she was away at a church event so fortunately nobody was hurt. >> i was shocked.
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i was absolutely shocked that this happened. but i just said thank god i wasn't here. thank god we wasn't at home. >> this morning the owner of the part came to the house and took the selfie that you saw there. stanley said the part came from one of the plane's used in his flight school and said the plane was scheduled for routine maintenance today. a mother in northern virginia says she is happy to have her, quote, mischievous daughters back home with her. 5-year-old josen and 8-year-old apparently snuck out of their house overnight and went to a family friend's house. when the girl's mother woke up this morning she noticed they were gone and called police. officers searched door to door for the sisters for three hours. social media helped crack this case when the family friend saw the girls were reported missing.
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civil rights leaders and celebrities among the thousands saying good bye. we are live in missouri as michael brown is laid to rest. have you answered the phone instead of shutting off your alarm clock in the morning? why you may be sleep drunk. and beyonce's big finale at the vmas brings together her whole family.
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. you're watching news 4 at 4:00. he said i'm going to shape the world and i promise you that he has. >> an emotional rousing farewell today, family, friends, civil rights leaders, politicians and celebrities among the thousands of mourners who came together today for michael brown's funeral. >> the young man was killed in a confrontation with a police officer in ferguson. today brown's father called for peace. nbc's jay gray joins us live from st. louis where the service ended about an hour ago. >> reporter: it was as you would imagine emotional, difficult day here, a day that honored the requests of the family. it was calm. it was reflective, centered on michael brown's life and so much that has been lost.
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they have come together here again. celebrities, clergy, dignitaries and a splintered community. to celebrate the life of michael brown. >> he is not a lost soul. >> reporter: the 18 year old's death was remembered by a community still angry and questioning how and why he is gone. >> michael is on to get his rest now. we are required in his name to change the country. >> reporter: change that the brown family will continue to push for. >> we have come to bless them today. we have come to honor them today. we have come to comfort them today. >> reporter: on this day they are calling for silence and peace to honor their son's memory. >> michael brown does not want to be remembered for riots.
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he wants to be remembered as the one that made america deal with how we are going to police in the united states. >> reporter: it was a service filled with energy and emotions. the conggregation joining together at one point with hands raised as they have been for more than two weeks here and across the country. >> god, our hands are lifted up from ferguson to dayton, ohio to los angeles, california to chicago. >> reporter: many of the hands clasped as the grieving community struggles with what has happened and how to say good bye. and many of those who were a part of the service plan to gather again later this afternoon for what they are describing as a peaceful silent march to honor michael brown. live in st. louis, jay gray. back to you. >> thank you. rchlths a few hours from now people are expected to gather
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outside the white house for what they will say will be a peaceful demonstration in brown's memory. here is a live look now. there are similar gathering planned in cities across the country. >> as we switch gears to our weather, it has been absolutely beautiful and hard to believe that it is summer. it is august and we haven't really felt -- >> that sky had a little september in it this morning. really a nice day to be outside. i hope you had as much opportunity as possible on a monday to be outside and soak in a little late summer sunshine. that is the view from our tower looking towards the national mall. spectacular way to get the day started. this is the view on my morning run this morning. 7:00 at the base of the washington monument. temperatures in the 60s. sky near 100% blue. mile two, jefferson memorial. no filter required there. a gorgeous morning to be outside. just in time to finish up the
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last of the fog. had thick fog this morning. by the time i got on to the roosevelt bridge that is what was left. river mist over georgetown university. going outside your late afternoon run or your evening run weather is great. 83 degrees right now at national airport with an east wind at 13 miles per hour. runners impact on the city, perfect running weather. temperatures a little on the warm side early on. not much of a breeze. no threat for a rain and comfortable humidity levels mean you should try to do a little personal best. otherwise as you look forward to tomorrow the weather impact on your tuesday nothing. no weather worries at all. almost 100% sunshine from start to finish tomorrow. wakeup temperatures tomorrow morning a whole lot of 50s on the map by tomorrow morning. 59 in leesburg. 63 downtown. a little bit milder along side the chesapeake bay. bay water temperatures are generally in the 70s. it certainly is going to be a cool start first thing tomorrow morning. the commute into work and school
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tomorrow temperatures in the mid 60s. drive home tomorrow afternoon temperatures mid 80s. highs tomorrow 83 in hagerstown. 84 leesburg. 86 in manassas. 87 here in washington. not a lot to worry about in the weather department for the next couple of days. gaithersburg, maryland enjoy your day tomorrow. startoff temperature 58. dinner time tomorrow that looks like back patio dining to me. temperature around 80 degrees. see the weather headlines. our cool mornings are coming to an end. another near perfect day tomorrow. all eyes on cristobal. here is a first peek of the 4 day forecast. temperatures touching the 90s i think on wednesday and staying awfully warm to the end of the week. that leads us to labor day weekend. thanks again. if you wake up so confused that
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you answer the phone instead of turning off the alarm you may have a sleep disorder called sleep drunkenness. one out of seven people may have this condition. according to the study of 20,000 people sleep experts say symptoms can range from benign to violent or inappropriate. they say 84% of the cases occur in people who take antidepressants or have other sleep disorders. a look at what we can expect at tonight's emmy awards here on nbc. what was it that caused a helicopter crash today at the jersey shore?
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. did you see it? everybody is talking about bey. the diva closed the show with a 20 minute performance of a medley of hits. then her family stole the show. husband jay and daughter blue ivy presented mom with michael jackson's video vanguard award. the couple seemed to be addressing divorce rumors by sealing the night with a big on stage kiss. >> we were staying up for it. the biggest stars are gathering
4:25 pm
in hollywood to honor the best work in television. maybe you have your favorites with the coverage starting here on news 4 at 7:00. >> tonight's event is attracting attention for more than just the awards. stephanie stanton joins us live from the red carpet in l.a. exciting night. >> hi, erica. indeed. we are here on the red carpet outside the nokia theater here in downtown los angeles. the carpet has not officially started so we have people in the media milling but we are definitely waiting for the stars. no doubt we are not going to see some of the outrageous stuff we saw last night at the vmas but everyone is sure to look beautiful. tonight emmy's will honor tv's honest. we will see a tribute to a man who made his debut on the small screen more than 25 years ago. >> no way! >> reporter: the medium that
4:26 pm
made robin williams a star will honor his remarkable career at tonight's emmy awards. >> he was the fireworks. >> reporter: williams long time friend and fellow comedian billy crystal will present the tribute to the late actor. tonight is about showcasing tv's finest. >> "breaking bad." >> the final season of that series is favored by many to win back-to-back wins at best drama. hbo's fantasy epic "game of thrones" and "house of cards." >> i think it would be a giant upset if "breaking bad" doesn't win best drama. >> reporter: best comedy to modern family. another win tonight would tie recd. >> if you want to reward success you go to "big bang theory." the emmy's are also about
4:27 pm
tradition. so it could be "modern family." >> reporter: matthew mcconaughey could win an emmy. >> if either he or mcconaughey wins they will have two day trophies for one year of acting which is pretty amazing. >> reporter: and make a starry night shine even brighter. so let's break it down for you. hbo's "game of thrones" leads the pack with 19 nominations followed by the new series "fargo" with 18. netflix with 31over noms including 13 for "house of cards." >> go house of cards.
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news 4 at 6:00 will be a half hour this evening with "nbc nightly news" airing at 6:30. back to school for thousands of local students. how new technology is changing the way kids are working inside the classroom. and the vacation is over for president obama. now he is weighing his options about air strikes in syria.
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you're watching news 4 at
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4:00. now back from vacation president obama is weighing air strikes in syria. >> thousands of kids head back to class and power up their new high tech chrome books. and confusion on i-66 after a road project ends in a mess. what this means for tonight and tomorrow morning. had a lot of drivers doing a double take. i'm erika gonzalez in for pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. a stabbing right across the street from a d.c. high school on this first day of school. scott macfarlane at the live desk. >> this is happening near coolidge high school where students are walking out of class to see yellow crime scene tape. police tell us the stabbing happened across the street from the school at the area of fifth and summer place southwest. we are told the victims are 19 and 17 years old.
4:32 pm
the investigators say the two are not cooperating with police. detectives on the scene are combing the area for evidence. nearby elementary schools dismissing, as well. jackie bensen will have a live report coming up. first at 4:30 the vacation is over for president obama. he is back at the white house after a two-week vacation punk c chu -- punctuated by two crisises. now he faces decisions on whether to launch air strikes against isis militants in syria. the next steps to address the crisis in ukraine and other pressing issues. president and first lady michelle obama and their daughters arrived in washington around 10:00 last night. service is restored on the sony play station network after an online attack. the play station network went
4:33 pm
down yesterday with an individual or group called lizard squad claiming credit. the group said there might be explosives on the plane carrying sony president. the flight was diverted to phoenix. smedly did not comment on the threat. and new details this afternoon after sony's play station network is taken down in that cyber attack. we are breaking down the six money wasteers to avoid to keep your laundry from cleaning out your bank account. you know, your teacher said if every day could be as nice as the first day of school you would be a straight a student. tomorrow nothing to worry about. another straight a forecast will include y
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in today's consumer watch it could be a whopper of a deal, pun intended. fast food giant burger king is in talks to buy tim horton's and move to canada. if they ink a deal the merger would create one of the world's biggest fast food businesses. burger king's stocks soared 17% on the news today. hotels are getting sea happy. several hotel chains are charging a fee for bigger beds and early and late checkout times and even if you use the room's safe. in fact, the extra charges have
4:37 pm
become so large hotels brought in a record $2.25 billion in additional revenue last year alone. next time you check into a hotel be extra attentive to the fine prints as few services come for free. the average family does 400 loads of laundry per year. you are paying for water, detergent and energy and not counting the washer or the drier. you don't have to let your laundry take you to the cleaners. consumer reports calls out six common money wasteers. the first money waster in the laundry room is using too much detergent. detergents are super concentrated. when you use too much you are not just wasting detergent but can trigger an extra rinse cycle. >> it wastes water. very often you can't see the lines in the cap.
4:38 pm
if you mark it yourself you use exactly the amount you need. >> reporter: consumer reports found at as much as 90% of energy spent on wash load is for heating the water. instead, choose the cold water cycle. your clothes will come clean and you probably won't see a difference. wash only full loads of laundry. it saves wear and tear on your machine. if you must wash a small load adjust the load size. whatever the size of your load use the highest spin setting your fabrics allow. >> this reduces the amount of moisture in your clothes. your drier will have less work to do and save you energy. >> reporter: don't dry your clothes using timed dry settings. choose the auto dry setting on medium and let your drier's moisture censor decide when the load is dry. fabric softener sheets can gum up the censors in your drier. wipe them monthly with rubbing alcohol. lastly, you won't get the
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cleanest clothes if you stuff everything in at once. it is more energy efficient to wash and dry similar items together like just jeans and just t shirts. another thing that many people forget to do is clean out that lint filter on the drier. it keeps the air circulating and will take less time to dry your clothes. if you have a story idea for the consumer watch send us an e-mail or call 202-885-4884. coming up at 5:00 tonight a new government program that could help more than a million folks in our area find better jobs. we are going to hear from a local woman on how the program has impacted her and how you can get some help yourself. crooked, peeling, lane stripes on a local highway. how this massive mistake could impact your evening commute and
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. two of the areas busiest metro routes are running longer buses this afternoon. the s-1, s-# and s-4 routes are using more of the 60-foot
4:43 pm
articulated buses, about five additional longer buses used during each hour of rush hour. about 40,000 passengers use these routes on a typical week day. >> the commute should be a little better for some in fairfax county. jeff todd way officially opened today. that connects telegraph road and route 1. there is a walking and biking path along side the cars but as you can see there still construction going on. crews are working on utility lines. the project is expected to be fully finished in november. jeff todd way is named for a community leader who died in a car crash about three years ago. there is an unexpected challenge for drivers on part of i-66 in fairfax county. the lane lines are all over the place. this is some of the mess caught by chopper 4. crews began work to fix the lines this afternoon. melissa molet drove along the
4:44 pm
area. >> we often tell kids stay between the lines or inside the lines when writing or coloring. that was a little difficult for drivers on 66 this morning. 66 at lee highway where take a look chopper 4 over a messy monday morning on 66. the lane striping at 29 and centerville wiggly, broken and curving, causing slow downs, confusing. >> we have people driving and everybody is like what is going on. >> reporter: hours later no change. brake lights ahead as we drove over the lines. v-dot tells us this was a temporary paint striping mishap. the tape was put down over the weekend for a bridge repair project but started peeling up. >> pretty amazing nobody got in an accident. >> reporter: trying to get the mishaps fixed as quickly as possible. the contractor expected out here to turn the wiggly lines back into straight ones, some tweeting telling me they have
4:45 pm
seen the broken and curving lines over the weekend. as for the bridge rehab project it kicked off in may supposed to be wrapped up by the end of october. crews will continue to work to fix those i-66 lines tonight from 7:00 until 5:00 a.m. there could be delays, up to two lanes and a shoulder will be close overnight. it is expected to be back open for your morning commute. we will see about that. a new day of pencils, backpacks and big dreams for kids in the district and, of course, all across our area. the new school year is now underway for d.c. and several big counties. d.c. public schools welcomed more than 47,000 students today. kristin wright takes a look at some of the excitement at dunbar high in northeast. >> reporter: students at dunbar high school in northwest are
4:46 pm
heading back to school today for the second year in a brand new building and they are excited. >> see you later, brother. >> reporter: principal steven jackson greeted almost every student as they arrived. >> seeing my old students and more importantly the excitement of coming back to school with so many children coming back with happy faces. >> my sophomores. >> reporter: students picked up their schedules on the front steps early. they have goals to reach. >> i'm glad to be back in this historic high school. i had a great time last year. i hope i can move forward. >> i am trying to get some good times and get some scholarships for college and maintain a 4.0. >> reporter: they are coming back to an impressive new building open just one year as it is working to renovate old schools.
4:47 pm
>> i love it. i love it. it is gorgeous. >> reporter: dunbar is one of 26 in the school district with extended hours now. principal jackson said it helped test scores. today on the first day students don't seem to mind being here longer. students in grades 3 through 8 and some high school courses will take a new standardized test this year called the parc exam aligned to common core standards. this year, however, test scores will not be factored into teacher evaluations. in northwest, kristin wright, news 4. and a reminder, folks, to be extra careful about how you drive around school buses. it is not only dangerous but can cost you big if police catch you passing a bus with activated stop sign the fine will cost you nearly $600. there are also bus cameras in effect. if you are caught on one of those it will be a $125 fine but
4:48 pm
no points on your license. i must say these kids are dressing to the nines. they are sharp and ready to go for day one. >> they have perfect weather for it. these are the days that our storm team 4 meteorologists like to pop their collars and be like we gave you this weather. >> yeah. i'm not sure i look cooler with the collar up so i will leave it down. it is a beautiful day outside today. a plus weather. amelia and i were here yesterday and gave you the thumbs up for the back to school forecast today. giving you two more thumbs up for tomorrow, too. outside capitol hill. congress is still out of session, of course. everyone else, young folks are back at their desks earlier today and back for the rest of the week. there is the view from prince george's county looking back towards old town alexandria. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. 81 leesburg.
4:49 pm
79 winchester. 79 gaithersburg. 78 degrees down at solomon's island. temperatures 6:00 is 77. 75 at 7:00. 72 at 8:00. 71 degrees by 9 p.m. out the door tomorrow morning. cooler in the suburbs. there will be a lot of spots in the 50s tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. downtown temperatures more like 63. 64 at 7:00 a.m. a quick warmup. nearly everyone 70 degrees by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning nice and cool. 53 in the cooler rural suburbs. 63 downtown. tomorrow afternoon nothing big, just like today. 100% sunshine. comfy humidity and barely a breeze. mid to upper 80s. if you are not back in school and plan to go to the pool uv index at an 8. keeping eyes on the tropics. tropical storm down here. here is miami, florida. the official forecast from the
4:50 pm
hurricane center tuesday off the coast of cape canaveral. by wednesday and thursday well off of the coast and then racing out to sea. good riddance to that. we could keep waves and rip currents up a bit. 87 tomorrow. 92 wednesday. upper 80s thursday and friday and on into labor day weekend looks like a perfect weekend. a little humid to get the weekend started. may be shower chances on sunday and monday but no washout in sight. back to the news. folks, she did it again. katie ladecky has broken another record. the bethesda high school senior celebrating another world record while she competed the 1,500 freestyle over the weekend. ladecky is in the far lane. coming up here she looks like she is in second place but she is actually lapping the competition. she won it and sliced almost six
4:51 pm
seconds off her previous world record and finished the meet with five gold medals and the 17 year old is still in high school here. >> that girl is unstoppable. unstoppable. you know what i love most about her is she is so humble. >> despite it all she is so grounded. >> amazing. speaking of amazing, little league pitching sensation davis made an appearance this morning on nbc's "today" show after an amazing run in the little leagues. >> the team finished third among the 7,000 u.s. little league teams and came in first in philadelphia to make it to the little league world champion series. davis became the first girl to throw a complete game shutout in the tournament and the first little leaguer ever to grace the cover of ""sports illustrated." >> i guess it is really cool. to be on the cover now is very
4:52 pm
cool. >> most importantly, did you like the picture? that would be a bummer if you didn't like the picture. >> i like that picture. >> you like that one? >> davis says it feels amazing to be one of the 16 top teams in the world. who wouldn't? first at 4:00 we have a warning for women in a northwest d.c. neighborhood. police believe the same man may be behind three attacks over last week in mt. pleasant. mark segraves joins us now with an update. >> neighbors are upset. this is 14th street behind me. all of the attacks happened within a few blocks of this location. we are on oak street where the most violent of the three attacks occurred. a woman was walking down the street when a man came up from behind and grabbed her around her neck and began groebing her. the man stabbed her and fled. police say during that attack
4:53 pm
the man was wearing a green and white polka dot shirt and chicago bulls baseball cap which he left behind. police are asking anyone who may anything about the attacks to call them. coming up at 5:00 i will tell you why police say this could be the work of a single sexual predator. mark segraves, news 4. aftershocks taking toll on an already shaken napa valley, california. we are live as people start picking up the pieces. >> the legendary memphis bell. we'll take you to a ride on the legendary bomber and how it was retold on movie screens. # . a quarterback controversy already? it is only preseason. i will have the d
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
we are learning more about a helicopter crash at the jersey shore. the chopper was to spray for mosquitos when it went down. the helicopter tail left hanging. both people on the chopper are cape may county employees. both are expected to be okay. $1 billion the estimated damage from the strongest earthquake to hit the san francisco bay area in 25 years. the quake's magnitude was 6 and it was centered in california's
4:57 pm
wine country. >> reporter: yesterday the city was very much in survival mode. treat the injured people. today the residents and businesses here have moved on to the recovery phase. >> another one right there is broken. >> reporter: the 6.0 quake that struck at 3:20 sunday morning couldn't have come at a worst time for the $13 billion wine industry which is already struggling to get through a serious drought and preparing to harvest this year's grapes. most of the 500 or so wineries reported minor damage but some reported they have lost as much as 50% of their wine inventory. >> the monetary value of the inventory you can replace that. some of our wines are collections, private collections by the owner and our library wines. some of those are irreplaceable
4:58 pm
really. >> reporter: others who thought they had escaped unscathed are finding there is damage they hadn't seen before. >> it shifted off the foundation. >> reporter: seismologist lucy jones says this quake is a wakeup call. >> preparedness is not just how to respond. it is not a kit or water supply. it is about how to stop the damage in the first place. >> reporter: what lingers is the lack of water. hundreds of homes remain without it as the city scrambles to fix the water main breaks. conditions have been upgraded among most seriously hurt patients taken the hospital yesterday. almost all of the 70,000 homes that lost power now have it back. live in napa, news 4. right now at 5:00, bags scattered and a gruesome discovery that has an entire
4:59 pm
community on edge. virginia's former governor in the hot seat and getting questions from two sides, his wife's attorneys and the prosecution. we are following breaking news. in the last half hour we learned a stabbing occurred outside a local high school involving teenagers as students are getting out of the first day of classes. >> jackie bensen is live right now outside calvin coolidge high school in northwest washington. >> she is tracking down details on the victims right now. >> reporter: we can tell you that this picture just speaks a thousand words. there is the high school. this is what kids came out to face on their first day of school. their high school is surrounded by yellow crime scene tape. what we hear from police is the stabbing involved two young men ages 17 and 19. d.c. public schools tell us that they are not current students at coolidge but the stabbing did happen just feet away from the
5:00 pm
front door on somerset place northwest. in addition to the high school students having to face this on the first day whittier elementary school, the education campus which is an elementary school right across the street as each little student came out of there today they had to take a look and see what is going on here with the police cars and ask their parents who are walking them home. d.c. police tell us that the victims have nonlife threatening injuries from the stabbing which means they are expected to survive their injuries. we can tell you that sources tell us that the two young men who police asked what was going on they used the terminology not cooperative. we do hear that there is a report of a fight between two young men right before this happened. we are still gathering details. when we get them we will bring them to you. jackie bensen, news 4. now to a crime that unnerved neigor


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